Package Plant Equipment

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Package Plant Equipment

Introduction to the equipment

Our company designs, plans and manufacture the full automatic and half automatic anodic oxidation equipment, including anodic oxidation tank, anodic conductive beam, negative plate and hanging tools.


Features of the equipment

It is made from hign quality raw materials PP and SUS square tube, acid resistant, high temperature resistant, with long lifespan, Additionally, it has the functions of anti collision, emergency stop, low liquid level, dry burn protection, malfunction alert, and it is easy to operate and can increase the work efficiency. The equipment is applicable for the surface oxidation treatment to various aluminum products and precision products.


Practical new type equipment

The new type equipment is easy te be manufactured. The company improves the original comon anodic oxidation equipments which can conduct rapid production, so it has outstanding superiority. When oxidizing fast, the products can get excellent oxide film which will improve the corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant performance. It has obvious improvement compared with the existing equipments.


Human resources

The company now has many qualified, competent engineer with rich design experience who take charge of design and development. All the finished products must pass the strict examination, and meet the requirements of customers and equipment performance, and ensure the normal operation of the equipments.

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