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!!!The only one in Thailand that mixes the special color to order!!!
Ready to use and guarantee stability

Who we are?


We are one-stop service provider of chemicals for anodizing aluminum work.  Founded by a Taiwanese businessman. People with more than 40 years of experience in chemicals and equipment the anodizing plant. Headquartered in Dongguan, China. To meet the needs of customers in Thailand. We sell aluminum surface preparation chemicals, Organic dye, Hole sealing agent, Titanium jig and package plant equipment one-stop service. We are committed to both the quality of the product. Including providing the best service. By focusing on providing accurate technical and sales information to our customers.


The development goal of the company is based on Thailand, then serving the Southeast Asia and develop worldwide markets. Our products sell to Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia. In order to provide best service to customers, complete company sales network, we also established laboratory in Thailand Co., speeding up customers, endeavor orders, also start online sales stores, thus, a supply chain service company is ready.

Corporate culture

"Easy to use, good quality, friendly to the environment, Fair price", the company is committed to providing excellent products and services to all customers. With honesty There is a laboratory for color mixing and color sampling according to customers' needs without additional charge. Provide technology consultancy to grow your business for sustainable growth.

The company procure and import Clariant original dyes from China. Clariant Coating (Shanghai) Ltd It is imported correctly, 100% authentic. With standard packaging, sealed with Void. Guaranteed product quality before reaching you. Please contact Lind ID: hinosales or 02-077-4632, 098-815-5168.
We provide services according to customer needs. Whether it is a special color, Titanium jig, Anodizing Line, Equipment and machinery used in an anode plant

Special coloring

The company has a lab office in Samutprakarn, Thailand. We can mixed new color (Not in the catalog) and get the work of the customer to color the sample in a short time 1-2 days to summarize the order color, get the right to use immediately. Minimum 1 kg. Send free EMS in Thailand. Inquiries at Line ID: hinosales or 02-077-4632, 098-815-5168

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Titanium jig

The company made the titanium jig according to customer requirements. Design and manufacture From factory in Dongguan, Shenzhen, China, with more than 20 years of experience, we have been able to increase the productivity and beauty with high quality titanium, good conductivity, acid resistance and high heat. Inquiries at Line ID: hinosales or 02-077-4632, 098-815-5168

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Anode Equipment & Machinery

Equipment and machinery for design, manufacture and installation of anodizing line for all sizes of factory with standard equipment. For more information, please contact Line ID: hinosales or 02-077-4632, 098-815-5168

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Hino Technology Co., Ltd. 669 Moo2, Prakasa-Mai Subdistrict, Samutprakan District, Samutprakan 10280 Thailand


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