The company has various special dye color chart for aluminum anodic oxidation, with complete dye color spectrum, bright color, stable dyeing behavior, high fastness to sunlight and strong crock resistance. All the dye can be used under normal temperauture, so it is easy to operate. The company estabishes a special laboratory for special dye for aluminum anodic oxidation and employs experienced engineer and technicians. who provide before-sale and after-sale color matching service for customers.


Noted : The color should be based on the actual color card-like color prevail

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Black No.0239

Black No.0726

 Gray No.9247

 Gray No.9861

Gray No.9867

Gray No.9786

Gray No.9221

Yellow No.1039

Blue No.2021

Blue No.2061

Blue No.2091

Blue No.2451

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