Features of dyes

Colors : due to the different materials, the dyes will form the changing of natural color. Because the different alloy material of aluminum products, the dyes themselves will generate different natural color in oxidation process (shown as following table). The oxidation will also generate different change for different temperature, concentration of sulphuric acid, time, voltage, aluminum ion, concentration and size of pores.

PH value : each kind of dye has its own PH operation range. Under different PH value, the same dye will generate different color effect. To some dyes, departure of PH value or the different coloring temperature can cause serious departure of color effect.

Temperature : most of dyes used to colorize under normal temperatuer.

Coloring time : is determined according to darkness color.

Solubility : under the different temperature, kinds of dyes have different solubility.

Features of dyes : rapid solution rate and stable color effect.

Preservation of dyes

Under humid environment, the state of kinds of wetted dyes is different. The dyes after wetting are not only bad on appearance, but also inconvenient to be handled. However, wetting will not influence the colorizing effect of dyes. To avoid the inconvenience caused by wetting, the dyes shall be stored under the sealed and dry environment.

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